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Turnkey services

Buying or selling a property is often one of the most important transactions you will ever make, and its success requires close to a hundred brokerage acts and legal checks.

By choosing to entrust your transaction to a broker, you free yourself from all these tasks, but you also ensure that your transaction is conducted in accordance with industry standards. Your broker will take care of all the stages of your transaction, from visits to deadlines monitoring, from the relationship with other parties to legal procedures and checks.

Note that it is also possible to make an agreement with your broker to request only part of his services, we will then talk about pay-per-use services.

Pay-per-use Services

Listing & Marketing

To sell a property, it must be displayed in order to attract the most potential buyers. Your broker will take a series of actions to maximize the visibility of your property, including:

  • Taking professional photographs of your property
  • Listing the property on and other sites, if applicable
  • Display of a property sign FOR SALE
  • Planning and coordination of open house, on request
  • Additional advertising, if applicable
Legal procedures and checks

Your real estate or mortgage broker must show the accuracy of the information he gives you by relevant documents and he is responsible for all the information he disseminates.

  • Identity verification
  • Usual checks, including the amount of taxes, year of construction, lot size and area…
  • Checks with municipalities, if applicable
  • Drafting and explanation of contracts, mandatory forms and recommended documents
  • Qualification of potential buyers
  • Negotiation and conclusion of a transaction
  • Communication between all parties
Market Value Estimate

The market value of a property considers many factors and performing this exercise without the skills of a professional could result in a price too high or too low. If the price is too high, you risk not selling your house and if the price is below the real value, you will lose money.

  • Analysis of comparable properties
  • Production of a detailed report on the market value assessment
  • Advice on the selling price to display

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Buyer Services

With technology, it's becoming easier to shop for a property yourself, but the Real Estate Broker, in addition to offering you all the protections provided by the Real Estate Brokerage Act, protects your interests, ensures the legal aspects of the transaction and simplifies the process.

  • Property search and real estate alerts
  • Advisory role and legal checks
  • Coordination of visits and accompaniment
  • Writing mandatory and recommended forms

Generally, if you hire the services of a Real Estate Broker to buy a property, you will not have to pay for his services, his remuneration being borne by the seller or deducted from the sums due to the seller.

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